Shake the hand you are dealt

The Florida House passed a bill last Thursday that would make the state the first to require incoming high school freshmen to declare a major, just as college students do.

Gov. Jeb Bush and others say that requiring high school students to declare a major and concentrate on a particular field could prepare them better for college and the working world and reduce the dropout rate. [source]

While I support vocational education, eighth grade is way too early to expect career plans from most students, let alone viable career plans.

Robot: When I was 14, I wanted to be a person who sees lots of vaginas.

If signed into law, I wouldn't be surprised if freshman classes in Florida begin to resemble college sports teams, full of sociology majors and whatnot.

Say I chose to major in liberal arts. Would I attend regular high school then?


Is 24 better than Lost?
Let's face it—both shows have writers who don't know where they're going. On 24, they are constantly writing themselves into corners, then they think of crazy, outlandish ways to get out of it. On Lost, they have all these characters milling around with nothing to do, and then have to find meandering mysteries for them to be involved in. Only 24 resolves these problems in a satisfying manner—someone gets shot or poisoned.