Numbers, Passwords, Protocol

I caught a few minutes of Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime before No Reservations (arguably the best non-fiction program on television) yesterday.

"Discover the wonders of India with Jeremy Piven."

coming soon: Jeremy Piven's Block Party

I can't decide what's stranger: Jeremy Piven pitching a spiritual journey in India to Discovery Channel or Discovery Channel pitching a spiritual journey in India to Jeremy Piven.

"What if we send a celebrity?"
"That might work. Who, though?"
"What about that guy who plays Ari on Entourage?"

In yesterday's episode of Prison Break, the warden hired a carpeting company called "Muensch's Carpets."

Possible Surprise Endings to Snakes on a Plane
"Jackson steps onto the tarmac and removes his trench coat only to reveal that he is, in fact, made entirely out of snakes."

Starburst "Friends" Spot
I loller every time I see it.

Apple's "Mecca"
"Is a 24/7 Apple store really necessary?"