Lost in Translation

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"Henry": John, I didn't push the mysterious button.
Locke: What?
"Henry": I didn't push the button and…nothing happened.

2-19 "S.O.S."

Bernard: Why doesn't anybody care to leave this island?
Rose: Because this island is magic, babe. This island cured my terminal cancer.
Bernard: I'm sorry, WHAT?
Rose: You know Locke? This island cured his paralysis.
Bernard: …
"This is what Scientologists actually believe."

Locke: Did you push the button, "Henry"? I need to know.
["Henry" smiles menacingly]
Locke: Okay, this is ridiculous, Damon. It's been two months and he still may or may not be an Other! I'm done with this shit. Fuck him, whoever he is, and fuck that goddamn button! I'm taking some time off and going after Walt.

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Dan: Hey, look what I found on Google Maps.
Matt: A giant black arc on a beach?
Dan: Weird, isn't it?