Appetite For Disgustion

from Physician, try it out on thyself:

In 1916, Dr. Joseph Goldberger drew blood, scraped scabs and collected feces from patients at a South Carolina pellagra hospital. His aim: to prove to a doubting medical community that deadly pellagra was not contagious. His method: to inject himself, his apparently devoted wife and several colleagues with the affected blood and to feed them the scabs and feces.

That's one devoted wife.

This week on No Reservations (arguably the best non-fiction program on television), host Anthony Bourdain visited Quebec to sample the province's cuisine.

In Montreal, he braved a gauntlet of at least 15 consecutive foie gras dishes and stomached some gnarly poutine topped with three kinds of processed meat.

Then he ventured north and dined on raw seal with an Inuit family.

I wish I had video of three generations of this family gathered around a fresh seal carcass casually devouring its edible parts.

Bon appetit.

As a show of respect, the head of the family offered one of the seal's eyeballs to Bourdain, which grandmother instructed him to suck like a nipple.

Damn climate hardened my eyeball…