Lost in Translation

LOST…The undisputed king of producing average television that ascends to freakin' mysterious greatness in the last 2 minutes, thereby assuring everybody tunes in next week.

Previously on Adam Riff™:
Locke: It's been two months and [Henry] still may or may not be an Other!

Three weeks later…

2-20 "Two for the Road"

Henry: I'm an Other!
[Henry tries to kill Ana-Lucia]

Michael: I saw the Others! We can take them!

Locke: Why didn't you try to kill me when I was trapped under the door?
Henry: Because you're a good one.
Locke: A good what?
Henry: Character on the show, John. Viewers can't stand Ana-Lucia.
Locke: Oh.
Henry: When she caught me, I was coming for you. That's how much I like you.

Jack: Sawyer, we need guns.
Sawyer: No.
[Jack points a gun at Sawyer, Sawyer reaches for his gun]
Sawyer: Dammit! Bitch screwed me, pun intended!
Jack: Huh?

Michael: What's wrong?
Ana-Lucia: All my life I've dealt with people who've hurt me by shooting them, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill Henry!
Michael: Let me do it then.
[Ana-Lucia hands Michael Sawyer's gun]
Michael: Psych!
[Michael shoots and kills Ana-Lucia]
Libby: Hey, the producers told me to come to the hatch?
Michael: Yeah.
[Michael shoots and kills Libby]
J. Walter Weatherman: And that's why you shouldn't drink and drive!

Michael: [to Henry] Assalam alaikum.


So the Others are the Symbionese Liberation Army?

Next week: Stockholm Syndrome!