Lost in Translation

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Locke: Hello?
[blackout, ultraviolet lights turn on, illuminate mysterious map on collapsed door]

[Michael shoots and kills Ana-Lucia and Libby]

2-21 "?"

[Libby coughs up blood]
Jack: She's still alive!
Michael: Excuse me. [pause] Stupid, Michael, stupid! Two in the chest, one in the head! How could you forget?

Yemi: Brother.
Eko: Yemi? But you're dead… [pause] Hey, Steve Buscemi! What up, man?
Yemi: Eko! Have John lead you to the question mark!

Eko: –> ?
Locke: ??
Eko: ?!
Locke: "?"?
Eko: !!!
Locke: …

Eko: [looking at his brother's plane] You saw Boone fall?
Locke: Inside that plane from a tree, yup. Listen, my map's not particularly accurate…
Eko: That's okay. We'll camp here tonight. My brother will provide us with further instructions.

Yemi: Follow me, Eko.
[Eko scales a cliff but slips and falls before reaching the top]
Locke: Guh!
Eko: Are you all right?
Locke: I'm fine. Just had a strange dream.
Eko: Was there a black priest in it?
Locke: Uh…
Eko: What happened?
Locke: He, he scaled that cli—
Eko: Is that a wet spot on your crotch?

[Eko scales cliff, notices a mysterious circle on the ground]

Eko: I found a hatch hidden underneath the plane!

Locke: It's a monitoring room.
[Locke sees Jack on the lone active monitor, a computer prints a log of mysterious button pushes, Locke and Eko watch an 'orientation' videotape]
Julie Chen: You will observe subjects in other hatches as they perform inane tasks they assume are important. Take notes and send them to us via pneumatic tube.
Locke: Christ… Pushing the button…this whole time. Why are you salvaging those printouts? They're meaningless!
Eko: No, they aren't, Nietzsche. If you choose to believe, then that which you believe is true.
Locke: The fuck are you talking about?
Eko: I believe it is no mere coincidence that my brother and I crashed separately on the same island. [shakes printouts] This means something!

Libby: Michael…
[Libby dies]
Next week on Lost:
[Eko shows Locke a pile of dirt shaped like a mountain]