Lost in Translation

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Claire: They tried to steal my baby!
Rousseau: They stole my baby!
Claire: Your baby may have helped prevent them from stealing my baby!
Kate: OMFG! Theatrical glue!

Sayid: Who are you?
?: Henry Gale.
Sayid: Lies! You are one of them!
[Sayid assaults Henry]

[Jennifer puts her hand on Russell Crowe's heart and his hand on her face]
Libby: Shit, bitch, you stole my move! I was just about to do that with Hurley!

Henry: I'm an Other!

Michael: I saw the Others! We can take them!

[Michael shoots and kills Ana-Lucia and Libby]

Michael: [to Henry] Assalam alaikum.

2-22 "Three Minutes"

13 days ago

Michael: I'm goin' after Walt!

Mr. Friendly: [to his band of Others] Detain him.

Mr. Friendly: They're approaching. Prepare the torches. [to Alex] Watch him.

Jack: We outnumber you.
Mr. Friendly: Oh?
[torches circling Jack and company ignite]

Alex Rousseau: [to Michael] How is Claire's baby?

[the band of Others arrive at the Others' camp]
Miss Klugh: Hello, Michael. I'm Miss "Clue." Call me now for your free reading!
Miss Klugh: That was a joke.
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: I'm gonna ask you a few questions.
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: Have you ever seen Walt in a place he wasn't supposed to be?

Miss Klugh: Change of plans, Michael.
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: Your people captured one of ours.
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: We'll free both you and your son for the safe return of our man.
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: However, in addition, we also want the names on this list.
[Klugh's list reads "Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley"]
Miss Klugh: So the question is: Deal…or no deal?
Michael: Where's my son?
Miss Klugh: Oh will you shut up about your son already? [sigh] Bring him in!
[Walt enters]
Walt: Dad!
Michael: Walt!
Walt: Dad, the Others are posers. They're pretending!
Miss Klugh: Walt…
Michael: Yeah, I figured as much. I mean, what kind of name is Mr. Friendly? [pause] So what have you been up to?
Walt: They've been testing me.
Michael: Tests?
Miss Klugh: Okay, that's enough. This show needs to last a few more seasons.


Michael: Let's go after Walt! Us five!
Jack: But we'll be outnumbered. We need more people.
Michael: Jack, he's my son! Let me oversee the extrication of my own fuckin' son, aight?
Jack: Okay, okay… Chill, dude.

Michael: Why did you ask Sayid to join us?
Sawyer: Because he was in the army and none of us were?
Michael: Goddammit, Sawyer! He's a liability! Sayid has his own agenda. This mission is about my son, not Henry!
Sawyer: Okay, okay… Sorry… I'll rescind my invitation right now.
Michael: No, I'll do it.

Michael: We leave tomorrow.
Hurley: We?
Michael: Don't you want to avenge the death of Libby? You know, lay the smack down on Hank and his mates?
Hurley: Eh. I'm an eater, not a fighter.
Michael: But what about my son?
Hurley: What about him?
Michael: We have to rescue my son! 9-11! Weapons of mass destruction!

Sayid: I think Michael's been compromised.
Jack: He was raped?

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Jeff Probst: I'll read the votes. [opens container] Michael. Michael. Michael…