The charisma of foreskin

Last summer was deemed the "summer of penguins." This summer looks to be (to my dismay) the summer of cars.

On June 5, Fast Inc. premieres on MTV. The series "revolves around a team of 'car hunters' who field celebrity requests for vintage and muscle cars."

On June 9, Disney and Pixar's computer-animated Cars opens in theatres.

On June 16, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift opens in theatres.

On August 4, NASCAR comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby opens in theatres.

I'll see Talledega Nights because it's from the people behind Anchorman, but the appeal of cars and auto racing is completely lost on me.

The Movie Binge:

Starting this Friday and ending in September, we plan to watch all 85 commercially released films.

Before our middle school graduation, I bet Brad Czajkowski that I could watch every major movie released in the summer of 1996.

I wish I could reclaim all the time I wasted that summer sitting through stinkers for the sake of sitting through them.

Barb Wire
Spy Hard
The Phantom
Harriet the Spy
The Adventures of Pinocchio (Jonathan Taylor Thomas version)
Bordello of Blood

It was during Matilda that I decided against pursuing a career as a film critic. Seeing movies for a living sounds cool until you realize what you have to see. Even at age 13, children's flicks tested me.

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I'm partial to 1997, the summer I saw The Lost World seven times in theatres.

Roger Ebert discussing X-Men: The Last Stand on Ebert & Roeper:

There's that scene where the water guy and the fire guy fight it out. That's great.

In my first review of X-Men, I started talking about how Storm could change the entire climate, and yet all Wolverine has are those…uh…fingernails.

He sounds like me trying to discuss cars.

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