Pub Quiz

1. Jason Terry to Stuart Scott:

"As a child growing up in the inner city of Seattle…"

Yes, the mean streets of…Seattle.

2. The Tom Petty song ABC/ESPN chose as its theme for this year's NBA playoffs is such a buzzkill. Joint broadcaster TNT's Fort Minor theme selection fit way better. Did Disney learn nothing from the horrendous country music halftime at last year's all-star game?

3. "Message in a Bottle" (The Police) is a terrible song.

4. Throughout the playoffs, T-Mobile's run an ad in which Ben Wallace misses his entrance for a game because he's preoccupied talking to his girl on the phone. What confuses me is that the crowd in the arena chants "We want Ben!" but the court clearly sports a Miami Heat logo.

5. WWE added Nacho to its SmackDown roster.

No better company for Paramount to partner with than WWE. Despite tepid box office profits since its release three weeks ago, WWE programming is still aggressively promoting See No Evil.

This is likely the extent of Nacho's SmackDown involvement, however. I know Black won't appear on tonight's episode and he's scheduled to be on The Tonight Show next Tuesday, when SmackDown tapes in Connecticut.

Pity… Rey Mysterio would totally job to him.

6. Oozinator reviews on Amazon