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Curious like me as to why June's movie slate has been unusually uneventful?

Major films are commonly released "day-and-date," meaning they get a simultaneous worldwide rollout. Studios greenlight [tentpole] movies with an eye on the overseas windfall they promise.

"The World Cup has a great impact on box office," says Fox International's Joe Ortiz. "People tend to stay away [from theaters] in droves to watch these games."

Hollywood readied itself for a business slowdown long ago, flooding May with big releases to avoid the World Cup juggernaut. [source]

Fuckin' foreigners. I'm struggling here to find decent shit to see!

Move the World Cup to March in 2010, FIFA.

From the questionable headlines file:

"Bad guy plans to live in Edmonton"

I'm guessing the Sun is a tabloid.

For years now, I've seen ads for "summer jobs to save the environment," which would interest me if I could actually save the environment.

As a child, I loved the episode of TaleSpin in which Baloo shovels smog away with his plane.

Baloo saved the environment. Soliciting signatures and donations from strangers (which I suspect said summer jobs entail) isn't quite the same.

Every little bit counts though, I suppose.

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