Sorry, Brooklyn, Dancing Won't Solve Anything

Blur/Gorillaz main man Damon Albarn is rumored to be coaxing ex-Clash bassist Paul Simonon out of his musical retirement for a new project. Sources tell that it will be another "supergroup" project similar to Gorillaz.

I love the fact that Simonon married a woman named Pearl Harbour, whose given name was Pearly Gates.

Awesome doubleheader on the Learning Channel Sunday night: "The 750 Pound Man" followed by "Half Ton Man."

At a weight of 1,072 pounds (487.27 Kgs), Patrick Deuel of Valentine, Nebraska is officially the world's fattest man. Shame, I was hoping for a "1,250 Pound Man" threequel.

I saw the most perverse McDonald's ad ever on Toon Disney during The Tick (Jetix!) Sunday night.

Ronald McDonald has never been creepier.

I bet the person playing him is a Scientologist.

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