We can be heroes

Previously on Adam Riff™: I registered for two summer courses in technical writing at a local community college.

Week one of TWRT 62:

July 3
Class begins.

July 5
Michelle joins the class. We group together with Kyle XX and work on a memo and press release due the following class. We plan to finish the press release over the weekend via e-mail.

July 6
I send Michelle a draft of the press release for review.

July 10
Michelle sends feedback five hours before class.

"P.S. Could someone print this out and bring it? I'm working out of a Starbucks right now and won't have printer access for the day."

I never hear from her again.

Fortunately, I had already finalized the press release on my own.

Week two of TWRT 62:

July 10
Charles joins the class. Mrs. Conklin replaces Michelle with Charles, who is also in my TWRT 61 class.

July 12
I catch Charles exiting the classroom before class. I enter to hear Mrs. Conklin chatting with Cindy about selling his reader. He never returns.

July 13
As TWRT 61 adjourns, Charles asks me what we did in class yesterday.

Week three of TWRT 62:

July 17
Mrs. Conklin replaces Charles with Clare.

I don't blame Michelle and Charles for dropping TWRT 62 after attending one class. I'd drop too if I wasn't so stubborn.

I just wish I knew why both of them feigned enrollment to me after clearly indicating they had dropped.