A little bit limp and floppy, but still does the job

At Blockbuster today (shush), I saw this:

A remake of The Bad News Bears, in the tradition of The Wiz, The Nutty Professor and G.

This leads me to the question of the day: What film would you most like to see remade for a black audience?

I'll start: Erich von Stroheim's Greed.

Okay, your turn.

Oh! Our web site doesn't allow comments? Shucks…

Why don't we allow comments, Gabe?

I also saw this at Blockbuster:

Tom Green and Brooke Shields in the same movie? [head explodes]

That said, this pairing trumps the latter:

Obviously, I didn't upload the whole poster. Suffice it to say that it's an animated flick about a bear and a deer.

Sadly, at first glance, I couldn't distinguish the title on the poster from The Wild or Over the Hedge.

+ George W. Bush sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday"