Don't let him rape you, Philadelphia

I noticed the end credits for Talladega Nights credit Tom Morello for "guitar."

A little Internet investigation reveals that Wayne Kramer of MC5 wrote the score for Talladega Nights and enlisted Tom Morello to play guitar.

Says Kramer:

They wanted some real rock guitar cues which fit in with high-powered auto racing — which is something I know a little bit about, being a Detroiter. [source]

Next up for Wayne: Scoring a film about a city with no movie theatres.

What's up with all the Audioslave music in cinema recently? Miami Vice uses two songs (one twice) and Talladega Nights uses "Cochise"…

I hate Audioslave so much.

At Subway today, the man ahead of me in line asked for mayonnaise on his tuna sandwich.

I wanted to scream: "Dude, what do you think the tuna salad's made of?"

A tuna sandwich with mayo is the equivalent of stuffed crust pizza.

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