Snakes on crack

1. An Indian man noticed the unusually long line and approached me.

"What's the movie about?"


2. It may look stupid, but so did Cars, and that shit grossed over $200 million.

3. I perused the TSA's list of permitted and prohibited items before my flight to Chicago today.

not permitted in carry-on baggage
Meat Cleavers
Paint Thinner
Fire extinguishers
Cheese in pressurized containers
Whipped cream

permitted in carry-on baggage
Gel-filled bras

4. "PSP Greatest Hits" — oxymoron?

5. In all the media coverage of Superman Returns, I don't recall ever hearing or reading that Kate Bosworth played Kevin Spacey's love interest in Beyond the Sea.

6. Things that make you go "hmmm…": Hearing a Thursday song in a Saturn car commercial.

7. Black Eyes Peas – "Gone Going (feat. Jack Johnson)"
Way better than that Jurassic 5 / Dave Matthews Band crap.

8. Costco food courts are so poorly designed. Yes, place 'em next to the exit and neglect space for shopping carts.

9. I never thought I'd miss "Spies and Saboteurs."

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