New Jersey Wouldn't Want You Anyway

T.J. Simers on USC head football coach Pete Carroll:

I asked if he had spent any time in Nebraska, and he mentioned his in-laws, and then said he could not remember the name of his in-laws.

I thought Carroll was kidding, but he said he really could not remember the name of his in-laws.

"What are in-laws?" Carroll asked, and I swear I had to explain to him that his in-laws are his wife's parents.

"Not all the distant relatives like aunts and uncles?" Carroll said. [source]

Hahaha. Genius indeed.

Keeping with a Boston sports history theme…

With all due respect to co-director Christopher Reeve, Everyone's Hero looks inordinately stupid.

"In Depression-era America, a kid named Yankee Irving finds a talking baseball named Screwie in a New York sandlot, and they set off to return a talking baseball bat (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) to Babe Ruth."

Evidently, Ruth's had a few drinks.

I guess Joe Torre plays himself.

What is it with Fox and talking baseballs? Scooter was insufferable enough.

I can't see this movie appealing to anyone outside the Tri-State Region, and even then, there are only so many mouthbreathers in the area.

+ Star Trek vs. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails
+ I listened to [Girl Talk's] songs. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE?