600 miles with no destination

I spent the past weekend in Ann Arbour, the same weekend Michiganders descended upon the city for the MSU vs. UM football game and the Tigers advanced to the ALCS.

Standing in line outside a crowded Jimmy John's early Saturday morning, Wilcox asked me if I missed college.

No, no I don't.

On both my flights to and from Detroit, a flight attendant noted that smoking was prohibited on the aircraft.

Why is that still noteworthy?

Airlines haven't allowed passengers to smoke on domestic flights since 1990.

"Reason for crossing the border today?"
"To see a movie."


I saw a boy in Windsor wearing a shirt that read: "Git-R-Done."

So much for fleeing to Canada…

Cineplex Odeon's pre-show entertainment is messed up. The manic pacing, the looped song snippets, the borderline pornographic movie theatre food advertisements — everything.

Walking around Ann Arbour, I couldn't help but hear Mel Brooks say "Merchandising! Merchandising!" in my head.

On Columbus Day, chalk diatribes on Christopher Columbus adorned outdoor walkways of Michigan's central campus.

They probably would've impacted people more if most Americans actually celebrated Columbus on Columbus Day. War on Christmas, it ain't. Might as well rail on flags on Flag Day.

Lost amidst all the Columbus street talk was a large chalk message that read: "Christopher Reeve Vigil. October 10."

I repeat, no, I don't miss college.

Coffee Crisp is delicious.
New York Fries' fries are delicious.
"Maize" is a terrible name for a color.
Johnny Karros sounds too slick to be a real name.
"Love" is a six-letter word in Russian.
Tiger Stadium is a depressing sight. Demolish it, already!

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