When things suck together, the overall sense of suck is exponentially suckier


so uh, my whore mother is trying to sell sex toys over the internet. and she doesn't know enough about how web stores work so she wants me to like, work some internet-mojo or some shit and make her store "magically" process credit cards.

What would I do without Internet friends?

My boss wants our department to camp out for the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii, which arrive in stores in November two days apart.

I'm not on the company payroll, nor do I intend to purchase either console at launch time, so I shall be spending two nights (a Thursday and a Saturday) over four days outside a Best Buy for no reward "experience."

During a meeting last week, my boss outlined his vision:

"I want to rent an RV. I want to distribute free food and swag. Blankets, shirts — let's design a shirt for the occasion. I want to loan our DS games out…"

I'm not too keen on co-opting a console queue for marketing purposes, especially when employees of other video game companies will likely be waiting in line (Redwood City, natch), but I'm just a lowly intern.

"I want to stage a special event every hour. What about a DJ? I want to live-blog. I want someone to wear the Bomberman costume…"

I jokingly proposed hiring booth babes, fully expecting him to scoff.

He didn't.

Tony and Wilcox laughed at me because I pronounced "Bomberman" bom-ber-man instead of bom-mer-man.

This is a comic I made for "work."