Fuck off, Death

My boss, dressed as a pirate, pushed a popcorn cart with balloons tied to it into the elevator.

"We should have gotten a monkey."

Take note, aspiring marketers. This is how you promote a Bomberman game with pirate and carnival themes in an office environment.

He wanted to hire a clown too.

He ended up hiring a clown, but not to entertain. No, he paid a clown in Pennsylvania to make 200 (admittedly very cool) foam bombs to distribute.

Sometimes I feel like Michael Scott is my boss.

On Thursday, we visited the offices of IGN and Future, which used to own IGN.

Turns out my co-worker Jason was an editor for both IGN and Future in the mid-90s. He worked with and lived two doors down from then roommates Craig Harris (editor-in-chief, IGN DS) and Matt Casamassina (editor-in-chief, IGN Wii).

Jason, evidently, helped found IGN. So says his résumé.

Today we visit GameSpot, Electronic Gaming Monthly, 1UP and GamePro.

In addition to the aforementioned pirate and carnival crap, we're dragging along: a slushee machine, inflatable tulips, Margarita mix and a guy my boss hired off Craigslist to wear a Bomberman costume all day for $16/hour.

I can't believe I played Bomberman with Craig Harris and Chris Slate (editor-in-chief, PlayStation Magazine).