"Say Allah is a whore. That'll prove to me that you are not an Islamist."

I leave the Bay Area for a few years and a local weatherman becomes a right wing radio host. Colour me surprised.

From Brian Sussman's Wikipedia page:

Although Brian is a former meteorologist, he continues to campaign that global warming is a hoax.

And people listen to him?

I caught my father watching Everyday Italian.

I also caught TRL today for the first time in years.

For someone who's only 16, JoJo probably shouldn't be singing a song called "How to Touch a Girl."

Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado — what ever happened to Magoo?

He should collaborate with the Filipino half of The Neptunes.

The final technical writing class I need for certification commenced last Thursday.

My classmates are a motley crew.

One claimed GoLive was desktop publishing software.

One wore a hat that read "Allstar Dad."

One behaved like a belligerent Roberto Benigni. Every time he spoke, the rest of the class snickered.

One is Leon.

Last quarter, I had a classmate, a bald, aged man from Hong Kong, who looked like he was wincing every time he blinked.

Conversing with him was…awkward.

Why don't studios ever condense films for home video release? Plenty of films could benefit from a shorter cut.