Park City Limits

In the opening scene of Weapons, Nick Cannon gets his head blown off by a shotgun blast while scarfing down a fast food cheeseburger.

[…] Watching Nick Cannon beat a man's face in with a fire extinguisher is all sorts of unintentionally hilarious.

Sundance Review: Weapons [Cinematical]

In the storage shed at Will's family's business, Will is exposed to a pirated VHS copy of First Blood. Will's never seen a movie, or heard a story not taken directly from The Bible. It is, to him, a revelation of the highest order and leads to Will and Carter collaborating on a camcorder epic, Son of Rambow.

Sundance Review: Son of Rambow [Cinematical]

I just finished seeing a movie called Teeth, which centers on a pretty teenage girl whose vagina has teeth.

Sundance Review: Teeth [Cinematical]

Earlier this month, Colin brought to my attention a film called An American Crime, which just premiered at Sundance.

An American Crime dramatizes "the single worst crime perpetrated against an individual in Indiana's history."

After reading Wikipedia's primer, I'm inclined to say it's the single worst crime perpetrated against an individual in ALL of history.

Good lord…