Primae Noctis

TV Guide: So did you and Masi dish on the set in Japanese?
Takei: Better! He and I both speak Spanish, so we were chatting with each other en español. It was blowing minds!

You know, that WOULD blow my mind.

Star Trek's George Takei Teases a "Tantalizing" Heroes Visit [TV Guide]

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you:

Film critic Rene Rodriguez documented Martin Scorsese's use of Xs in The Departed as a symbol of impending doom, an homage to Howard Hawks' use of Xs in the original Scarface film.

I must admit, I didn't realize Rene Rodriguez was a man until viewing his circulating blog post. All this time I just assumed that Rene was a woman with masculine taste in cinema.

X marks the spot in The Departed [Reeling]

Why, Yahoo! Sports, why?

If I produced the Super Bowl halftime show:

1. My Chemical Romance performs "Welcome to the Black Parade."

The song practically begs to be performed on a parade float in the middle of a football field accompanied by a marching band, a flag corps, cannons and an extravagant amount of pyrotechnics.

2. "Parade" segues into "Tonight, Tonight" by the reunited Smashing Pumpkins.

The parade float exits stage right, revealing Billy Corgan and friends in front of a 100-person orchestra. The drumline of the marching band and a soothing light show accompany them.

3. As "Tonight" ends, the stadium blackens, and all you see is this on the field: