Good morning, lethargy


I used to envy Ben's job.

Then he told me about suffering through a two-hour mechanical bull riding competition at work.

Sunday morning, his away message read: "setting up for tonight's gong show."

Oh man… Haha.

Young Ben: When I grow up, I want to oversee a GONG SHOW in Atlantic City! recently launched a series of Where Are They Now? updates.

For example: Virgil now teaches math part-time at a Catholic school.

I'm legitimately interested in reading one on Steve Blackman.

A few people have asked me for an RSS feed for Adam Riff™'s weekly calendar "play list" (left).

Their requests to be notified when we update our weekly play list baffle me. We've updated the play list almost every Sunday for the past five years. An RSS feed seems…unnecessary.

As for a full content feed, many people only visit this web site for the play list. Why would we give away our main traffic drawer?

Am I wrong in my reasoning? Or am I being an asshole?

I'm not against syndicating our play list; I just don't see a good reason to.