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Number of characters on Lost who share their name with a radio station in North America that plays "what it wants/everything": 4

Jack FM (multiple cities)
Ben FM (Philadelphia, PA)
Charlie FM (Madison, WI and Portland, OR)
Mike FM (multiple cities)

Surprisingly, not a single John FM exists.

Complete Market Listings [Variety Hits]

In the winter premiere of Lost, Juliet's husband is hit and killed by a bus.

He's the third fictional character I've seen get hit by a bus in the past four months, joining Sean's crazy nanny on Nip/Tuck and Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction.

I'd like to read a report on the leading causes of death in Hollywood productions, see where "buses" ranks. Can't be very low…

My favorite homicide by bus?

In The Devil's Rejects, a woman flees a motel room wearing a mask made from her husband's face and then…BAM! Best scene in the movie.

My favorite vehicular homicide, however, is this classic from Meet Joe Black:

Never gets old.

This week, Vice launched VBS.tv, an online broadcast network with Spike Jonze as its creative director.