Here's to all our vice

Happy Valentine's Day…..ladies.

Care to join me in a chocolate spa?

The water is mixed with cacao and fragrant bath powders while liquid chocolate is poured over the bodies of bathers.

From the creators of the wine spa!

Also available in sake, green tea and coffee.

Chocolate Bath for Valentine's Day [Spluch]
Hot springs spa resort and amusement park [Hakone Kowakien Yunessun]

The amazing Super Mario wedding cake prompted a discussion between Adam Robot and I on our dream wedding cakes. We're probably the last people on Earth who should be contemplating wedding cakes, but play along.

I want an R2D2 cake that projects holograms of a groom and bride. I considered a Death Star cake, but I imagine crafting, displaying and slicing a spherical cake would be problematic.

Robot: i'd do a bucket with bloody appendages in it – each with a replica of an arm of the bride and groom with rings on their fingers


Three films about Star Wars that I want to see:
A Great Disturbance [DVD]
5-25-77 [May 25, 2007]
Fanboys [Aug 17, 2007]