Bulls on parade

I just noticed the topics that Kinja, the "weblog guide," tagged our site with.

So we're The New York Post?

From writers of 24:

The ½ Hour News Hour, a cross between The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" with a conservative slant, premieres Sunday at 10:00 pm ET on Fox News Channel.

What can you expect?

Rush Limbaugh appear[s] in a skit as the president, with Ann Coulter as his vice president.

My eyes are rolling with laughter.

What the show needs is a weekly re-enactment of one of Keith Olbermann's Special Comments by DB Woodside. Amirite?


Correspondents include original Daily Show cast member Brian Unger.

Hey, whatever pays the bills.

At least he's not one of Jay Leno's lackeys. Way to put that Harvard degree to use, Mo.

FNC's Daily Show Rip-off Falls Flat [Radar]

Drudge linked to this clip of The ½ Hour News Hour:

I think I prefer Fox News' other experiment in "hip," and it annoys me to no end.

Watch the "Oscar Buzz or Bore?" clip. Rachel Marsden is absolutely brutal.