180 Seconds

Dave Nunley, 29, eats about 224 pounds of mild Cheddar cheese each year and has never consumed a hot meal in his life. Because of a food phobia, he has been living on cheese ever since he was a toddler.

"Once when I was four years old I nearly starved to death because my parents wouldn't let me eat cheese."

Cheddar Gorge [The Hunts Post]

Mark: maybe im just stoned but your site is making me laugh more than usual this time around
Mark: have you felt yourself being more funny as of late?

Ever since high school, when I debauched the school paper, I've noticed that my work fares best with…marijuana enthusiasts. I dunno why, but I'm not complaining. A niche audience is better than none.

Is America ready? Is America ready?

I'm tired of hearing about whether or not America is ready for a black president, like Barack Obama's a terrorist attack or an earthquake.

How would darker skin affect his ability to lead? It's pigment, not Venom symbiote.

The question should be: Will backward-ass red staters ever grow the fuck up?

If Americans can acquit O.J. Simpson, they can elect a black president, politics and experience notwithstanding.

I wish register clerks at Trader Joe's could be a little less outgoing.

Their hyper-outgoingness forces me to be outgoing in return, and sometimes, I just want to pay for my Pretzel Slims and leave.

Bai Ling's teeth are nasty.

It's called "whitening toothpaste," woman!