Pretend you never went to school

The Hong Kong Japanese have invented a way of eating where a "body" is made from food and placed on a table. You cut the body open anywhere you want and eat what you find inside. The body will actually bleed as you cut it and the organs inside are completely edible.

My parents want to me to teach English in Japan while simultaneously learning Japanese.

I'd love to live in Japan, but I'm hesitant to cross the Pacific without a basic grasp of the language. The last time I visited Japan, everyone assumed I was Japanese. My Jappish features (?) excluded me from the benefit of the doubt allotted to foreigners, particularly among non-English-speakers. Pointing at a picture of the #2 combo meal at a Mos Burger in Yokohama wasn't enough.

Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism [Weird Asia News]

The Amazing Race has taught me that many South American cities have a white statue atop a mountain

I'd love to live in Brazil. I just need a better reason than "I can't find a single coxinha vendor in the Bay Area."


I'm salivating at the thought of a giant coxinha shaped like a human.

Hey, Brazil boasts the largest Japanese population outside of Japan…

Ohio State chose a terrible shade of gray for its home basketball uniforms.

I'd love to live in Oh-who am I kidding?