The Drunken Jukebox Serenade

Film review quote of the year nominee:

[Zodiac is] a long movie with lots of suspects and details but no pay-off.

Another nominee: "Allen, Lawrence, Travolta and Macy are a comedy dream team!" (not verbatim)

Last week, Ty's friend died of a heroin overdose. This week, Conor's friend shot himself in the head on the same day Conor's sister's friend jumped off an overpass into traffic.

All this death led me to think up a new state lottery game: Death Bingo.

Players buy bingo cards with 5×5 mixes of 25 conventional and unconventional causes of death. When someone you know dies applicably, stamp the cause of death. Complete a row, line or diagonal and win millions.

To verify a "bingo," you must submit stamped thumbprints of the five deceased and photographs of yourself with them.

Is Death Bingo tasteless? Yes, but not any more so than death pools.

I discovered tonight that hot food at Whole Foods is half off after 9:30 pm. YES!

On the drive home, I heard Dr. Drew and Stryker talking to Gregory Itzin (President Logan on 24) on Loveline.

Adam Robot in blue:

today the radio played
red hot chili peppers – give it away
the ramones – i wanna be sedated
and audioslave – like a stone
i couldn't have drawn a worse group of songs

the radio?
the. fucking. radio.

i'm too lazy to update my ipod
i pulled the antenna off my car so radio isn't even an option, for anyone. ever.
see, i don't mind chasing cars
or kt tunstall
what else is played a lot?
i hear that snow hey oh song a lot
and fuckin' wolfmother

that is the single worst song played right now, that rhcp one
oh no doubt
the entire song is…… it's unbelievable
don't even get me started
seriously, i'm willing to break something i own over that song

the chorus is terrible
why that song is bad is so beyond that
that's just the tip of the iceberg
i'm getting way too mad just thinking about it

you really make me sick
chasing cars – why don't you just go watch greys anatomy
you like the fray? you like the CBS soundtrack to everything, deep down

The CBS soundtrack?

Is the band named "Arcade Fire" or "The Arcade Fire"? I see both versions used and the inconsistency bothers me.

I read that the band named itself after a fire in an arcade and to me, "The Arcade Fire" conveys a fire in an arcade.

The band, however, prefers "Arcade Fire," which, without an article, conveys a type of fire.

Dropping the "the" also reduces the appeal of the band's name. "The Pixies" sounds much better than just "Pixies." Cadence is important.