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On the new season of South Park:

One of the first seven episodes will be a parody of 24.

"Basically, we've spent the last month watching like three or four episodes a day, studying what they do," Parker says. "We're fans of the show, and we're really impressed with the writing, but as soon as you have Cartman saying the same stuff, it's pretty damn funny."

Interestingly, the May season finale of The Simpsons is also a parody of 24, as is the current season of 24.

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I asked McKern if he thought Starbuck died for reals on Sunday's Battlestar Galactica and he freaked out and temporarily blocked me because he hadn't seen the episode yet.

Digital video recorders have turned Americans into a bunch of TiVas.

Television programming is fair game for discussion after its initial proper broadcast. If I'm inconsiderate for spoiling, then time-shifters are inconsiderate for expecting me to bend over and indulge their viewing habits. When you fall behind in school, classes don't wait for you to catch up.

USA Network recently debuted a series of testimonials promoting wrestling as entertainment for adults too.

Among the testifiers: two firefighters, a dentist, the black woman on Reno 911! and Steve-O.

Stone Cold Steve Austin shaves his armpits.

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