The room, the sun and the sky

On last night's episode of Iron Chef America, the secret ingredient was "breakfast." Turning breakfast food into breakfast food kinda defeats the point of the show, no?

Another questionable idea: Post's Great Grains cereal "inspired by the taste of bread."


so in 300 when the humpback was in Xerxes's den
there was a minotaur
a minotaur man
wtf was that
there was no half cow half man smoking a hookah in the comic
i mean i know it is a movie they have to stretch out the panels in the comic but a cowman smoking a hookah was a bit much for me

Being snubbed by the NIT is like not receiving a trophy for participation.

It's like…

Last fall, Tushar informed me about an interesting job opening at his company's local branch. I applied and advanced to the last round of interviews before the powers that be passed on me.

Last month, Tushar rang.

"I found out why you didn't get the job."
"Don't tell me."
"But it's funny!"
"I don't wanna know. Blissful ignorance."
"Okay, well, the final decision was between you and this girl. You were more qualified."


I was more qualified, and the reason they passed is…funny.

Can you lose out on a job because of Title IX?

Northwestern has been eligible for the NCAA Tournament since its creation in 1939 and has never received an invitation. The Wildcats are the only power conference team that has never been invited.

Question of the Day:
Which will happen first: Cubs win a World Series or Northwestern receives a tournament bid?