The pep band of the corpse of Christ is wearing Hawaiian shirts

St. Patrick's Day, March Madness and the 2008 presidential campaign collide in Oakland.

The apostrophe is clearly the Gabrielle Carteris of the group.

I want to attend the UCLA v. Pitt game in San Jose on Thursday, but home teams always lose sporting events I attend. Also: The game conflicts with my technical writing class. Also: I need tickets to the game coughJoshcough.

I understand why fast food chains offer alternative combo meal components, but I can't see any child choosing apples and milk over fries and pop.

Fries and pop may not be healthy, but they at least cohere with a hamburger. Apples and milk don't.

You ever wash a hamburger down with milk? NO!

Wendy's offers yogurt with granola and mandarin oranges as fry alternatives.

A hamburger with yogurt and milk — Mmm!

Fast food execs are crafty, selecting products that both appease and counteract pro-lifers.

Acie Law IV looks like Stringer Bell.