The world is a vampire

Ladies and gentlemen, Mohinder Suresh:

Bonus: The many "mmmmm"s of Rachael Ray

Rumors are flying that a musical is in the works based on The Flaming Lips' album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Reports suggest Aaron Sorkin may be involved. [source]

Break out the 'shrooms!

Interesting tidbit: Sorkin did rewrites for the movie The Rock.

On notice:
• Charla and Mirna
• The accents Charla and Mirna inexplicably adopt when speaking to foreigners

"It's going to be unbelievable," says Eric Stafford, 26, of Iowa City, Iowa, who will drive to Detroit for the first time for WrestleMania weekend. "I'm looking forward to the show and checking out the city, the nightlife." [source]

Yes, the vibrant Detroit nightlife.

To be fair, he lives in Iowa.

Who would win in a fight: Krang or Meatwad?

Apropos of nothing, Google returned this image for "Meatwad":

/non-basketball-related content

Dick Enberg wrote a play about Al McGuire. The one-man play will be performed in Atlanta during Final Four weekend. [source]

Dick Enberg wrote a play about his former broadcast partner? Oh my…

Kentucky Florida men's basketball coach Billy Donovan asked wrestler Ric Flair to motivate his Gators before their game against Butler on Friday. [source]

I guess John Beilein was busy.

Extra points for:
• Missing a free throw right after an announcer praises your free throw shooting
• The mysterious lack of black three-point shooting specialists
• Doc Rivers' white son