Dick 'n' Granny

Hey, we're Silverchair! What happened to us?

D.J. Conner from Roseanne writes: "Probably what happened to me."

Meanwhile, my aunt's optometrist's assistant mistook me for a high school student today.

I've heard from several people that K-12 public school computers block Adam Riff™ dot com.

I don't appreciate being equated with bandanas.

Why are binders so expensive? I paid $10 for a three-inch binder last week. $10 for cardboard with rings!

A Jon Yu just popped up on IMDb. His sole acting credit is "Jury Member #1" in a movie called Jewslim.

I pinpointed who Thad Matta looks like — Agamemnon Busmalis of Oz.

String quartet and bluegrass tribute albums are the musical equivalent of spam. Spam, however, doesn't increase landfills.

New rule: The chicken in a chicken burrito must be grilled. Stewed chicken is unpalatable.

Batting clean-up:

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