Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor

Spike TV is giving the biggest shout-outs in television history to the things guys love most with the first annual GUYS CHOICE.

Honors like BEST ASS-KICKER, BALLSIEST BAND, HOTTEST GIRL ON THE PLANET, FUNNIEST M.F., LUCKIEST BASTARD, MOST VIRAL VIDEO, MOST DANGEROUS MAN and THE BRASS BALLS (legendary action hero) AWARD will make this non-traditional awards show a one-of-a-kind cacophony of manly pursuits. [source]

They just. don't. get it.

"A one-of-a-kind cacophony of manly pursuits" — someone was paid to write that.

Speaking of MTV Networks:

The cast of The Real World: Las Vegas will reunite for a six-episode series that will be filmed in the exact same suite at The Palms as the series was five years ago.

The new show will be called The Real World: Las Vegas 2. [source]

This is what it's come to, eh? Dragging themselves through the negro Strip at dawn looking for a ratings fix…

Apparently, my brother is in danger of not graduating high school because of Health class.

I suppose that's better than a death threat.

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