The bread feels wonderful


Now I expect Randy Orton to use a baseball bat.

Consider the similarities between 24 and wrestling:

• Both feature writing that's mediocre more often than not.
• Both feature bad acting.
• Both are overtly jingoistic.
• Both introduce and push lame characters who fail to connect with viewers.
• Both abandon storylines at will.
• Both are associated with an obscene number of deaths.
• Both work best when their stars just fight — no guns, maybe an outside object or two.

24's fights never disappoint. Remember the wall-assisted neckbreaker at the end of season two? Or season five's scissor hickey and thighs of doom?

I hope rescuing Audrey involves getting past a wushu master.

Chris Carrabba?

Last Sunday (in Canada), Trailer Park Boys' seventh season began, its first sans Cory and Trevor. Can the series overcome the departure of its Jack McBrayers? The premiere episode suggests "yes."

"7×01: I Fuckin' Miss Cory and Trevor" capped off an unusually active first quarter for the show.

In January: Trailer Park Boys: The Video Game
In February: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (on DVD)
In March: Trailer Park Boys: The Book

I can't recall another sitcom ever blooming so late.

If you've never experienced Trailer Park Boys, torrent away.

Q: What is the worst rhyming couplet in music history?