I Braveheart

This film will world premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival:

Mind control SUPPOSITORIES!!!

In Search of t.A.T.u.'s prospects of being selected for next year's festival just increased tenfold.

The week in re-make announcements:
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Birds

The actor who played wigger pickpocket "Tweener" on Prison Break will plead guilty to manslaughter and face up to six years in prison.

He better hope that none of his fellow inmates recognize him.

Quote the defendant:

People are going to Iraq to risk their lives for our country and [I] am simply facing punishment for something [I] have done.


Cam'ron's Rhyme Book Found [link of the week]
Why the English language is hard to learn
The MySpace Smiley Set Anomaly
Freebase Pancakes

All this week, we've popped in cassettes by former peers.

To re-cap:
The Tinman
Freddy's Four Fingers
DJ Benjamin H
Paddy Bear

We end with a mash-up sent in by Ogre of Punogre and Armegro fame. He didn't mash the tune himself, but we heart Ogre. And Puno and Noc. And Hangook. And Sarge.

Korean Big Mac? Not so much…

Download "Badd to Me" (Ying Yang Twins vs. The Cure).