People are weird.

Today I was walking on the moving sidewalk on my way into work. Most days, couples are standing on it, and I like to keep moving because I'm so full of energy. I don't like to wait behind people because I'm pretty much doing my best to get through the casino as fast as humanly possible. (But that's another issue altogether.) So, I'm making my way down the moving sidewalk and there's a fifty-something couple standing blocking my way. As per usual, I give my "Excuse me" to get past and the woman takes a second, turns her head to me and says in, quite possibly, the most condescending voice I can imagine, "Well, what would you like me to do?"

This, of course, throws me for a loop. I'm not accustomed to people being complete dinguses to me when I ask. Mostly, they just apologize and move to the side. I respond with a "Um, you can move to the side." She looks at me as though I just took a shit on her favorite bedspread and steps to the side. Her husband, of course, has been silent through this whole affair. I start walking past her and I turn around and say, "Was that really so fucking difficult?" and keep walking.

This, once again, confirms my complete and utter hatred of most of humanity.