Eats like steak, cuts like butter

Fall Out Boy is going to Uganda in July to help raise awareness about the conditions there.

"This ain't humane, it's a god-damn dis-grace!"

Remember when Sum 41 visited the Democratic Republic of Congo to document its civil war?

It's like the more money pop punk bands come upon, the more problems they see — in Africa.

I caught Fall Out Boy on Leno last night. Patrick's neck fat is out of control!

Super Paper Mario? Kinda disappointing…

Holding the directional pad down for 10 minutes so Mario can run in a hamster wheel and earn 10,000 rubees is not fun.

Neither is fighting 20 "sammer-guys" one-on-one consecutively.

I miss the days when all you had to do was reach the end of a level.

Super Mario 64 forever ruined platform games by introducing task-based gameplay. Beat this time. Collect these items. Bleh. I play games to avoid work.

Hypocritical Ross airs more of my grievances:

"I play video games cuz I don't wanna read anything. Why didn't they take that into consideration before they inserted an entire fucking novel into the game?

Oh – and that whole space level? That was bullshitty too."

Anyone know what movie this image is from?

A: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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