Spider Bites

Let's not forget that Sam Raimi also produced Hercules and Xena and that the last film he wrote was The Hudsucker Proxy, one the Coen brothers' weakest.

How do you like your Peter Parker?
a. emo
b. disco
c. jazz
d. all of the above

I felt diabetic watching non-symbiotic Peter. I bet he's related to Bud Parker (Pleasantville).

Black-and-white suit bad, colour suit good!

Mummy already did it!

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it kills your relatives. But I forgive it."

Just once I'd like to see two villains team up unharmoniously, like Edge and Randy Orton. Have one villain turn on the other.

What now for the Osborn butler? Alfred he ain't.

Osbutler: [browsing Monster] Me and my big mouth…

Find me one rich, white, 20-something New Yorker with Chubby Checker in his or her home stereo.