The world's caving in, I got tickets for two

Modest Mouse and Wolf Parade. At Shoreline. On my birthday. Goodness…

Lone Starr: Who hasn't heard of yogurt?


Now that the only original member of Evanescence remaining is Amy Lee, I'm positive that she is the female Axl Rose.

At a sports convention last Sunday in Edison, NJ, The Iron Shiek approached [The Ultimate] Warrior while he was signing autographs. Warrior demanded that Sheik leave, claiming that Sheik spoke negatively about him in the past.

What ensued:

Forget Ocean's Thirteen. The cast of Mr. Brooks is infinitely more amazing:
Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, William Hurt and Dane Cook (a last-minute replacement for Michael Keaton?), playing against type.


The most amazing film cast of 2007, however, belongs to RoboDoc:
Jason Seaver, Bud Bundy, Parker Lewis and the sound effects guy from Police Academy — my childhood in a nutshell.

Brad Pitt to play He-Man?
Jessica Biel to play Chun-Li in the second live-action Street Fighter movie?
Transformers Movie Update: Optimus Prime WILL Have Lips