A Bynes and a Hope

Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia:

Isn't all water in Canada technically Canadian water?

Competitors must import water. For power washing. Unacceptable!

Last weekend in San Francisco, I saw a man wash movie theatre popcorn down with Pellegrino water.

Apparently, I'm the last person in the world to learn that Canadians are bad tippers.

This week in sequel announcements:
Terminator 4-6
Step Up 2
The Lost Boys 2
Austin Powers 4

Korn singer Jonathan Davis and his wife Deven welcomed a new son into the world named Zeppelin Davis. The couple has an older son named Pirate, while Davis also has a son named Nathan from his previous marriage. [source]

"These are my kids: Zeppelin, Pirate and…Nathan."

"These are my step-brothers: Pirate and Zeppelin."

Nathan is totally the Scott Evil of the family.

Worst rap lyrics in the history of rap
Gas mask shower head
The spooky Japanese girl is there for you.