Double Guantanamo


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On May 18th, Human Giant is getting control of MTV and MTV2 for 24 hours straight (From Noon Friday to Noon Saturday) and will be hosting the whole event LIVE from the MTV Times Square Studios. We only have a week to prepare and we can do whatever we want – we get to control the programming, videos, etc…and we getting Tapes N Tapes, Morningwood, Tegan and Sara, Eugene Mirman, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Glaser, Slovin and Allen, Jon Benjamin, Todd Barry, Curtis and John, Rob Riggle, Will Arnett, Andrew WK, Michael Cera, Andy Blitz and many more as special guests. We are writing it right now. [source]

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This week is National Nursing Home Week.

Celebrate National Nursing Home Week.

Yay familial abandonment!

On the season finale of Degrassi, Emma got her period, which dampened my hopes for a pregnant underclassman royal flush (Emma, Manny, Liberty, Darcy, Mia) by series end. C'mon, writers! Go there!

When my boss bends over, I can see his butt crack.

Re: 28 Weeks Later

"The violence and gore are very disturbing"

"The movie is very violent"

"I had to turn from the movie when it became so nauseatingly violent"

"This had to be the most violent piece of film I've ever seen"

"overly violent"

Pajiba's commenters must not see very much violent cinema

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