You don't know Cody


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Every year, the Seattle International Film Festival torments me with its line-up.


SIFF's programmers and I, we get each other.

To think, I could've been subletting in Seattle right now.


I saw a commercial for Spider-Man 3 that notes it is "one of the best films of the decade" without citing a source.

Never mind how absurd that statement is — would Sony actually proclaim its own film is one of the best of the decade?

The man in front of me in line at House of Falafel smelled extremely pungent, like the Fairy Godmother turned a stick of deodorant into a middle-aged Indian programmer.

In the parking lot, I passed by a car with a University of Phoenix license plate frame.

I should buy a digital camera.

Cream cheese does not belong in sushi or wontons or any other Asian food.

I dined with my parents and some family friends over the weekend. Johnson's father, who hadn't seen me since Christmas, commented that I looked fatter.

One pound over my average weight and I look fatter — awesome!

Notice the look on Pat Sajak's face! Too stupid to believe!
I thought I knew insane. I didn't know insane.
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