Scientist/Exotic Dancer

Next year, National Spelling Bee organizers need to allot chairs on stage for eliminated spellers.

My mother wants me to buy a house.

Unbeknownst to me, white-collar workers on the low end of the salary range can receive discounts on houses in the Bay Area. My mother's friend's daughter applied for a discount, and mommy thinks I should too.

"Why do I need a house right now?"
"You don't want a house?"
"Yeah, I want a house…eventually. In Vancouver! Or Seattle!"
"Well, buy a house now and sell it later for money to use as a down payment on your dream house."
"Fair enough."

Of course, when I actually buy a house, my parents will likely have retired to Taiwan, and I can easily fetch at least $2.2 million for the houses they own in Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

I only know of one person my age who already owns a house, and he dropped out of college. Puts your life in perspective…

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about dashed hope and failure, and all this thinking led me to devise a television series.

The pitch: A high school reunion without the reunion.

Each episode paints a portrait of a person in later life between flashbacks of him or her in high school. All the featured characters attended the same high school as part of the same class.

Working title: Class of 2000.

WWE Women's Champion to wrestle in pudding