Culinary Queer Eye

Do you understand the food that is coming out of Star's mouth?!

"He showed up (at the pizza parlor) about 30 minutes later, swearing again … saying, 'Do you want a piece of me?'"


Machete-wielding man sought for attack on pizza parlor

Deadwood fans need to let go already. I can't sympathize with people who bear grudges over a television show. Waah waah waah!

In the chorus for his song that swag-jacks "Ignition (Remix)," Akon sings:

Nobody want to see us together
but it don't matter, no

followed by

'Cause we gon' fight
Fight for our right to love, yeah

It don't matter what others think because they gon' fight them.

Belligerent apathy. Swell.

According to the wallpaper on his MySpace page, meeting Akon is "a once in a lifetime VIP opportunity."

UCLA's [football] home opener on Sept. 8 against BYU will kick off at 3:30 p.m. and will be televised by Versus. UCLA's Sept. 15 game at Utah will be televised by Versus. [source]

Oh, the indignity… You mean FSN passed?

The whole cast of jackass, minus Weeman, will be in the main event [at] WWE Summer Slam. [source]

How timely.

Pubic hair vs. hair, perhaps?

"I came up with this insane storyline with a group of masked wrestlers from South America possessing everyone's soul and it ends with an exorcism [of Stephanie McMahon] with the ring levitating and Vince McMahon throwing holy water saying 'the Power of Vince compels you … the Power of Vince compels you.' The producers read it and said 'we want to hire this guy.'"

This led to WWE films signing Madigan to write a script for "See No Evil." [source]

Vince wanted the movie to include a scene where Kane would reveal he has a 36 inch penis and then proceed to whack off on screen. [source]


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