Pound and Pint

Taste less, great feeling!

Fatherless Day for Shane and Stephanie

Mr. McMahon was known as an avid weight-trainer, as evidenced by the April 2006 cover and feature inside Muscle & Fitness magazine. Now Shane and Stephanie must provide a very different strength for their loved ones.

Journalism at its finest.

WWE Auction: Unsigned Sideview Mirror from Vince's Limo that exploded
Opening Bid: $50.00 USD

Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, will screen 77 feature films this year.

I didn't realize so much contemporary LGBT-related cinema was available. You have to wonder what organizers passed on.

A "rambling" letter arrived for "Good Morning America" weatherman [Sam Champion] along with a mysterious white powder.

Detectives checked out the return address on the envelope. They found A.J. Dunleavy. He admitted to sending the letter. [source]


US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs
Strange Tunnel
The Philly Taco