Hey, at least that Clippers center is still alive, eh?

So where I work a new high class little "food court" opened up next door. They've got everything from a smoothie bar to stir fry and burritos. But here's the thing – everyone who works there is eastern European.

Have you ever seen a Russian make a burrito? It's a tragedy. It's criminal. I don't understand it. I watched this girl put waaaaaaaay too much into the wrap, then mess it up, then try to grill it. I basically told her that I couldn't eat it because it would fall apart. She made me a new one, but nonetheless, it's still an awful burrito.

I don't get it – they hired an Asian guy to run the stir fry – how hard is it to have a Mexican guy run the burrito area?


Let's put it this way – if a Jamaican made me some charoses, I'm sure it wouldn't come out right. And I'm sure that there are some great French burrito chefs – and some great Australian stir fry masters – but this is absurd. I just want my burrito to be made right. I could do better than these chumps.