I Time Bomb

Flames don't seem so bad in comparison.

I like Jason Lee as Dave though

When's the re-imagined Captain Planet movie due?

Better yet: Captain Planet: Rise of the World Watcher.

FX upped its episode order for the fifth season of Nip/Tuck from 15 to 22. That's a broadcast-length season of Nip/Tuck.

I understand the need to milk talent with an impending actors/writers/directors strike, but Nip/Tuck already has enough trouble producing a cable-length season.

The change of scenery might help, I suppose.

Meanwhile, NBC upped its episode order for the fourth season of The Office from 23 to 30.

"This past season was uneven, so let's stretch the writers even thinner!"

Other increased episode orders for fall:
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, from 10 to 15 (should be quality)
Heroes, from 23 to 30 (should be interesting)
Degrassi: The Next Generation, from 19 to 24 (should *sniff* wrap up the series)

The only show I know of that received a reduced episode order? Critical favorite The Wire, from 13 to 10.

At work yesterday, I sent a package to another astonishingly simple Irish address:

Health Centre


Health Centre!

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