Second verse, different from the first

Looks like MTV's "TRL" has won a reprieve. Sources say an interactive replacement for the show, "URL," failed so badly in tests that the daily countdown staple is off the chopping block for now. [source]


MTV needs to stop incorporating interactive elements into its programming. Some things are better left undemocratized.

Like awards show introductions.

In Ace Ventura 3, the son of the oddball detective steps into his father's shoes and takes over the family business. [source]

Because Dumb and Dumberer, Son of the Mask and Evan Almighty fared so well. Only a matter of time before Liar, Liars and Me, My Son and Irene enter production.

Considering the descending trajectory of Jim Carrey's career, I'm surprised he passed on a third Ace Ventura.

Shia LaBeouf plays Harrison Ford's greaser son in Indiana Jones 4 and has signed on for three more Indiana Jones movies. [source]

Indiana Jones 5: Indiana Jones and the Heart of Darkness.

Indiana Jones 6: Indiana Jones Jr. travels back in time and crosses paths with Young Indiana Jones. Karen Allen has the hots for Junior Jr.

Indiana Jones 7: A remake of The Last Crusade with Ford in Sean Connery's role.

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Shia LaBeouf could very well spend his 20s alternating between two roles.

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